Project Management and coordination

The overall aim of the Workpackage 1 is properly coordinated and managed project reaching its objectives,without irregularities and smooth reporting to the programme and without conflicts between partners. To achieve this aim, the workpackage is divided into the four activities.

  • 1.1 Fulfillment of start up requirements
  • 1.2 Day to day management
  • 1.3 Steering / monitoring implementation
  • 1.4 Financial management
Ekopolis Foundation The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation Statutory city of Brno, City district Brno Municipality of Sopot Municipality of Brzeg Municipality of Nagykallo Vienna University of technology ORA - Subregional development agency Karst - Brkini University of Applied Sciences League for the Environment Lombardy RiSSC  Research Centre on Security and Crime Local Development Agency La.Mo.Ro.