Municipality of Sopot

PP05 Municipality of Sopot, Poland
As local authority we are responsible for planning and organizing Urban open space for residents use - that includes adaptation of precious natural landscape and keeping up high environmental standards of health resort. In the municipality there is a group of specialists within Urbanism and Architecture Dept. that coordinates all the process. For several years, decisions on spatial planning have been consulted with inhabitants. That‘s how green areas were adapted for recreation grounds and historical city centre was changed into more pedestrian friendly space.

Municipality of Brzeg

PP06 Municipality of Brzeg Dolny, Poland
Brzeg Dolny is a commune with a population of 17 thousand inhabitants, situated on the right bank of the Odra River, within 30 kilometers north-west of Wroclaw. Town itself is inhabited by 13.500 people. Geographically the Municipality of Brzeg Dolny is a part of Silesian Lowland, politically a part of Lower Silesia Voivodeship, and together with Municipality of Wolow and Municipality of Winsko forms the Wolow Poviat.

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