League for the Environment Lombardy
PP11 Legambiente Lombardia onlus, Italy
Legambiente is an environmental association, which realise projects and campaigns dealt with sustainable development, land stewardship and territorial planning. In all these activities they involve citizens by organising local groups, round tables, meetings and so on, with the aim to promote participated processes of land management. In Lombardy Region Legambiente Lombardia Onlus has a network of more than 120 local groups.

RiSSC – Research Centre on Security and Crime
PP12 RiSSC - Research Centre on Security and Crime, Italy
RiSSC is a research centre dealing with security and crime related issues. It is a non-profit organisation aimed at contributing to the social improvement by means of research activities, cultural initiatives and technical assistance in the field of security and crime, at a local, national and European level. RiSSC is composed by highly specialised researchers, with specific skills in criminology, sociology, psychology, and consolidated direct experience in both project management and research activities. RiSSC was founded in 2004.

Local Development Agency La.Mo.Ro.
PP13 Local Development Agency, La.Mo.Ro., Italy
Born in 1995, “Langhe, Monferrato e Roero” Consortium represents the union of seventy public and private bodies, spread all over in South Piedmont and joining together to ensure territorial wealth and growth. As “Langhe, Monferrato e Roero” operates in rural areas where territorial identity is a resource, all development-strategies are carried out combining tradition and innovation, focusing on cultural and historical heritage and on innovative strategies enabling local actors to overcome isolation. Langhe Monferrato Roero presents a configuration structured in macro areas (Territorial information and “animation”, Counselling , Project-making), which are subdivided in connected activities micro areas.

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